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angelique armae's shadows of the soul

By Angelique Armae

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When Hell's sexiest bad boy--Nicolai Valentine--defied Lucifer, he lost everything.

Now Heaven's fearless human warrior--Isabel Heart--has come to Nicolai's aid.

When the two meet...

A haunting past is reborn...

Isabel Godfroie Heart is a Paradisian Scholar-an immortal human trained in the ways of Heaven and Hell-who's suffering from memory loss. During her last battle, a dark force erased specific portions of her past life memories. Now she remembers little of times past, save for the fact she's a demon slayer mentored by the archangel Gabriel. When ordered to a new post to help translate a volume of ancient text from a forbidden verse, Isabel is forced to work with the dark prince Nicolai Valentine, a soul who may or may not be responsible for her memory loss. If only she didn't find the tempting creature so hard to resist...

Born to a fallen angel and a mortal mother, Nicolai Valentine is a prince of the Grigorcov, the children of the fallen sons of God. Searching for the lost chalice that will save his kin from eternal damnation, Nicky unknowingly unleashes the Hadean Virus, a dark entity targeting members of the Grigorcov. Now the entity has been unleashed on man's world and Nicky's in a race against time to find the antidote that will stop this deadly parasite. But in order to keep the Hadean virus from attacking again, Nicolai must enlist the help of Isabel Godfroie Heart, the Paradisian Scholar he was unable to save from the wrath of Hell centuries ago...


excerpt of shadows of the soul

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"What do you get when you cross an angel with a demon?
Sex as hot as the fires of hell and Love as soft as an angel's wing."

"Nobody does angels like Angelique Armae!" --Kerrelyn Sparks, NY Times Bestselling author of The Vampire and the Virgin

Amazon Best Seller - Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Amazon Kindle Best Seller - Fantasy, Futuristic & Ghost Romance

"you cannot put this book down!"
"In Cold Spring Harbor, Isabel finds a "Jane Austen" mansion, hell hounds, a ghostly child named Clara, and one of the sexiest beings she's ever met. It seems they were meant to meet, but to what end? Then she discovers that the Scholar assisting Nicolai prior was her brother. There are locked rooms, references to a dead wife and sons, holes on the property that drop you straight to Hell (she's already been there, thank you!) and a mounting tension."

"This is one of the best stories I've read. And I've read A LOT of stories. Angelique Armae takes you up and drops you off the edge of the cliff with ease, and keeps the night light burning because you cannot put this book down until you figure out all the twists and turns. The Paradisian Chronicles is set up as a series and I want the next installment -NOW!" --Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen, ParanormalRomance PNR


paranormal romance guild4.5 STARS! "Shadows of Soul definitely didn't leave a dark corner in my soul! Ms. Armae does a wonderful job with world and character building, which leaves you wanting to keep the pages turning."

"Shadows of the Soul introduces us to Isabel Godfroi Heart, a human scholar trained by Archangel Gabriel in the ways of Heaven and Hell. She is pulled from her current assignment of demon slaying and given the task of helping Nikolai Valentine, a fallen angel, find a lost chalice. What do you get when you mix an immortal Paradisian Scholar (Heart) with a snarky, humorous, and oh-so-sexy fallen angel?"

"You get one hell of a time! Shadows of Soul is packed with loads of actions, sinfully good romance and sarcasm you could bite into, literally! A definite recommendation to anyone looking for a great read, a great time and a story that takes you from Heaven to Hell and everywhere in between!" —Reviewed by Catherine R. Iwashita for The Paranormal Romance Guild


Immortal love story!
"PARADISIAN CHRONICLES BOOK 1: SHADOWS OF THE SOUL is a non- stop thrilling adventure from the very first page. Angelique Armae comes through with an interesting premise filled with all kinds of interesting beings, a story filled with enough plots and subplots that kept me turning pages, and a love that nothing could stop. This story will stay with me for a long, long time. Can't wait for the next one in this series. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and cannot recommend it highly enough. Well done, Angelique Armae!" - Chere Gruver, ParaNormalRomance PNR

"A fabulous novel about karma, past lives, and the battle between good and evil" --Dr. Carmen Harra, author of The Eleven Eternal Principles



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